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Art and Augmented Reality

One of the many hobbies that an individual can participate in is art. Yet, there are a lot of people that would love to take on an art hobby but they don’t think they have talent.

The Natural Artist

There is no doubt that there are many people who are just born artists. The instincts and skills are just there. These are the ones that produce works of art that are 100% creative. Some become very famous and others don’t. But, that doesn’t take away from their talents.

Augmented Reality

There is a new form of artwork that seems to be becoming very popular and that is augmented reality which many have not yet heard about. This is a process where digital imagery is processed into a world reality that is both intriguing and maybe a little shocking for some. There is going to be a new tool released by Adobe which is going to be a creative tool for augmented reality.

The Pros and Cons

Some will no doubt say that the advancement of technology in the art world is a good thing. Being an artist is being creative. After all, some artists use paint brushes as their tools, so for digital art, they are using digital tools. It is how they use these tools that make them creative.

There are those that may say that digital reality is not really a true form of art. Their argument may be that the tools are doing all the work. That the digital image is the art piece, therefore, the user of these tools is doing nothing beyond the capabilities of the tools.

There will be arguments for both sides but for those who would like to try their hand at some form of artistic endeavor this one may end up being most appealing to them. Especially if they are looking at it as a hobby.