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Who is Involved in Gaming Competitions?

For those interested in competitive gaming, their main focus is going to be on the competitors. After all, they are the stars of the show. Equally important is the choice of games for the competition. When challengers choose a game like Clash Royale PC to be the arena for their battles, they are setting their fans up for some fun and excitement. But there are many others involved in competitive gaming who don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Each of them plays an important role in the overall success of the competition.


In order for a competition to be held, someone has to agree to host it. If it is going to be an e-sports competition, there will need to be a platform for it to take place on. If it is some other type of gaming event then there has to be a venue.


Every participant in a competition needs a mentor, more commonly referred to as a coach.

Sales and Marketing

Attention has to be brought to the event in order for it to be recognized. This means there must be a sales and marketing campaign.


There are going to be rules that are applied to the competition. There could be discrepancies concerning these and this creates a need for a decision maker or a referee. This individual will, in any case, have the final word.


Some competitions become so big that a substantial amount of money can be involved. When a competitor has reached this level they may require one or more sponsors. The sponsor can help the competitor with some of the costs involved. Or the sponsor may be for the event itself and not just the competitor.

These are just some of the other positions that take place in a gaming competition.